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Andrea Éltető

Andrea Éltető

Personal details

Position: senior research fellow, head of research group on European Integration
Place of birth: Budapest
Phone: +36308487096

Fields of research

Economic development of Spain and Portugal in the European Union

Foreign Direct Investment

Foreign trade

Education and degrees

Graduate studies:

1987 - 1992: Budapest University of Economic Sciences (Foreign Trade Faculty)

Member of the Rajk László Collage for Advanced Studies 

Postgraduate Studies:

in 1996-1999 at the Budapest University of Economic Sciences, International Relations Ph.D. course

Title of PhD. Dissertation: Foreign direct investment in Spain and Hungary: main patterns and effects with a special regard to foreign trade (Supervisor: Prof. Carmela Martín, Universidad Complutense, Madrid), No. of PhD.Diplome: Ph-D 2/2001

Work experience

Participation in International Research Projects

As coordinator: 2012-2013: Trade with Asia – An Opportunity for Visegrad Countries? Visegrád Fund Small Grant no. 11220101.

As coordinator: 2015-2018: NKFIH - OTKA no. 115578 „Factors influencing export performance – a comparison of three European regions”

Effects of Foreign Direct Investment on Economic Structural Changes in Central and Eastern Europe /PHARE ACE no. P96-6183 R, coordinator: Gábor Hunya, WIIW, Wien/

Impact of foreign direct investmment on the international competitiveness of CEEC manufacturing and EU enlargement / PHARE ACE no. P97-8112 R, coordinator: Gábor Hunya, WIIW, Wien/

EU-integration-driven investment networking: Outward foreign direct investment of candidate countries /PHARE ACE no.P98-1162-R. coordinator: Marjan Svetlicic, University of Ljubljana/

Study on Latin America, the Caribbean and Central and Eastern Europe: Potential for Economic Exchange (sponsored by EULAC Foundation, coordinator: CIDOB, Spain, 2014).

Outward FDI Policies in Visegrad countries. (sponsored by International Visegrad Fund, coordinator: Instytut Zachodny, Poznan, 2015)

How to benefit from Global Value Chains – Implications for the V4 Countries(sponsored by International Visegrad Fund, coordinator: Prague University, 2015)

Stays abroad:

September-November 1995: Research fellowship of the French Government at the University of Rennes

March -May 1996: PHARE-ACEfellowship at the Centre d'Observation Economique in Paris

Membership: International and Development Scientific Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Instituto de Economia Internacional, Universitat Jaume I (external research fellow)

Awards: "Young Researcher Award" of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

16.March, 1999.

Bolyai Scholarship September 2001 to September 2003

Language skills

English: fluent

Spanish: fluent

German: intermediate

French: intermediate

Italian: intermediate

Selected publications

 MTMT link: Link to MTMT website

Effects of Industry 4.0 on reshoring investments - Hungarian experiences. Budapest, Hungary: Institute of World Economics, Centre for Economic and Regional Studies, Hungarian Academy of Sciences (2019), 47 p.

Éltető, A; Udvari, Beáta: Factors influencing the export of Hungarian SMEs: International Journal of Export Marketing 2 : 2 pp. 104-124., 21 p. (2018)

Éltető, A: Foreign trade of goods and services of the peripheral regions: characteristics and tendencies after the crisis In: Éltető, A (ed.) Export influencing factors in the Iberian, Baltic and Visegrád regions Budapest, Hungary: Institute of World Economics, Centre for Economic and Regional Studies, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, (2018) pp. 112-145., 34 p.

Éltető A: Foreign trade trends in the EU10 countries. In: Éltető A (ed.): Mind the gap: integration experiences of the ten Central and Eastern European countries. 145 p. Budapest: Institute of World Economics, Centre for Economic and Regional Studies, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 2014. pp. 41-60.

Éltető A., Alguacil, M., Martinez,V: International R&D spillovers in Central and Eastern Europe.The role of capital imports and local conditions. Universitat Jaume I Working Paper no. 12. 2015

Éltető A, Magasházi A, Szalavetz A, Túry G: Global Value Chains and Upgrading: the Experience of Hungarian Firms in the Heavy Engineering and Automotive Industries. In: Vlcková (ed.): How to Benefit from Global Value Chains. Implications for the V4 Countries. p.67-97. 2015

Kalotay Kálmán , Éltető Andrea , Sass Magdolna , Weiner Csaba: Orosz befektetések a visegrádi országokban: Az elméletek temetője? KÖZGAZDASÁGI SZEMLE 62:(5) pp. 565-586. (2015)

Antalóczy, K., Éltető, A., & Sass, M. (2014). Outward FDI from Hungary: the Emergence of Hungarian Multinationals. Entrepreneurial Business and Economics Review, 2(3), 47-61.

Éltető Andrea, Völgyi Katalin: Integrated in the global value chains – trade developments between Hungary and Asia. EASTERN JOURNAL OF EUROPEAN STUDIES 4:(1) pp. 57-79. (2013)

Sass M, Antalóczy K, Éltető A: Emerging multinationals and the role of virtual indirect investors: the case of Hungary. EASTERN EUROPEAN ECONOMICS 50:(2) pp. 41-58. (2012)