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Tamás Gerőcs

Tamás Gerőcs

Personal details

Position: junior research fellow
Place of birth: Budapest
Phone: +36203931344

Fields of research

Global financial system
Currency-convertibility, capital account liberalization
International capital flows and external financing in Eastern Europe

Education and degrees

2012 – Corvinus University of Budapest, Doctoral School of International Relations, World Economy track, PhD candidate
2002 – 2008 – MA. of International Relations, Major: European Studies, Minor: Invetsment and network analysis at Corvinus University of Budapest, Faculty of International Relations

Work experience

2015 – junior research fellow, Institute of World Economics, Research Centre for Economics and Regional Studies of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
2012 – Journalist at Napi Gazdasag daily business paper
2010 – Financial analyst at Equilor Investment ltd.

Language skills

English – advanced (Toefl)
German – advanced (Goethe – C1)

Selected publications

Debt-Ridden Development on Europe’s Eastern Periphery. In: Global Inequalities in World Systems Perspective. PEWS Annual. Szerk: Manuela Boatca, Andrea Komlosy, Hans-Heinrich Nolte. Under publication, co-author: Pinkasz András.

1989: Szempontok a Rendszerváltás Politikai Gazdaságtanához. In: Fordulat, 21, 2014. Co-uthors: Éber Márk Áron, Gagyi Ágnes, Jelinek Csaba, Pinkasz András.

Book review: G. Arrighi: Adam Smith in Beijing. In: Fordulat, 16, 2011.

Book review: R. Brenner: The Economics of Global Turbulence In: Fordulat, 8, 2010.

Book review: Naomi Klein: The Shock Doctrine, The Rise of Disaster Capitalism In: Fordulat, 3, 2008.