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Judit Kiss

Judit Kiss

Personal details

Position: research professor, senior advisor
Place of birth: Budapest

Fields of research

world agriculture (Eastern Europe, CAP, Hungary)

world trade, WTO

development studies, developing countries, Africa

international development co-operation, aid

food situation, food security

Education and degrees

1969-1973: Karl Marx University of Economics (Budapest), international relations

1986 – PhD

1998 – honorary associate professor at the Debrecen Agricultural University

1998-2002: Széchenyi scholarship for professors

2004 – DSc at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

2007 – full professor

2008 – honorary professor at the Debrecen Agricultural University

Work experience

1974-   Institute for World Economics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

1985-89: University of Dar es Salaam Egyetem, professor

2002-   International Business School, programme director

2005-   Kaposvár University, full professor

Language skills

English - fluent

Russian - advanced

French - intermediate

Spamish - basic

Swahili - basic

Selected publications

 MTMT link: Link to MTMT website

Has world trade recovered from the financial and economic crisis? in.: Lost Illusions. On the long lasting crisis of the world economy (in Hungarian) (eds. Farkas Péter – Meisel Sándor – Weiner Csaba), MTA KRTK VKI, 2012, Budapest, pp. 90-117.

Some impacts of the EU accession on the new member states’ agriculture, Eastern Journal of European Studies, 2011, vol. 2. No. 2. pp. 49-60.

Hungarian International Development Co-operation Policy in the Years of Crisis, HAND, Budapest, 2011, 22 pp

Multinational corporations and the agriculture in.: The changing world economy (in Hungarian) (eds. Magas István – Kutasi Gábor), Budapest Corvinus University, 2010, pp. 151-162.

Food security in China (in Hungarian), in.: China and the crisis – I. China in the first phase of the global crisisszakaszában (eds.. Inotai András és Juhász Ottó), Budapest, MTA Világgazdasági Kutató Intézet, 2010, pp. 19-45.

What kind of development coo-operation policy should be followed by Hungary, (in Hungarian) ed. by Judit Kiss, MTA VKI, 2008, 426 pp.

How to increase food security in North Korea = Gazdálkodás. 22. számú különkiadása, English special edition, 2008. 52. évfolyam, pp. 125-129.

The world economic positioning of the Hungarian agriculture(in Hungarian), Budapest, Akadémiai Kiadó, 2002, 406 pp.

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