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Industry 4.0 in ‘factory economies’ - 2017-10
Andrea Szalavetz: In: Condemned to be left behind? Can Central and Eastern Europe emerge from its low-wage model?
A FinTech-jelenség hatása − Radikális változás zajlik a pénzügyi szektorban? - 2017-09
Ádám Kerényi, Júlia Molnár: In: Hitelintéze Szemle
Impact of Global Companies' Real Options Implementation on their Hungarian Subsidiaries - 2017-09
Andrea Szalavetz: In: Economics of European Crises and Emerging Markets
Impacts of the Crisis on the FDI-led Development Model in Hungary - 2017-09
Miklós Szanyi: In: Economics of European Crises and Emerging Markets
The Environmental Impact of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies: Examples from Hungary - 2017-09
Andrea Szalavetz: In: Central European Business Review
Huawei in Europe: strategic integration of local capabilities in a global production network - 2017-08
Ágnes Szunomár, Peter Pawlicki Jan Drahokoupil / Agnieszka McCaleb /: In: Chinese investment in Europe: corporate strategies and labour relations
Chinese foreign direct investment in central and eastern Europe: an institutional perspective - 2017-08
Ágnes Szunomár, Agnieszka McCaleb: In: Chinese investment in Europe: corporate strategies and labour relations
Cold War Modalities – Do they have a chance in the Gulf? - 2017-08
Erzsébet N. Rózsa: In: Conflict Resolution and Creation of a Security Community in the Gulf Region
The Concept of ‘Peasant Embourgeoisement’ in the Perspective of Different Historical Conjunctures - 2017-07
Tamás Gerőcs, András Vígvári: In: Sociologia
The new challenges for the EU and the new Amber Road - 2017-07
: In: How Hungary perceives the Belt and Road Initiative and China-CEEC cooperation
Indonesia and the Regional Integration in Southeast Asia - 2017-07
Annamária Artner: In: Go Hungary – Go Indonesia:Understanding economic and business issues
Export Promotion Aims and Reality: A Comparison of the Iberian, Baltic and Central European Region - 2017-07
Andrea Éltető, Katalin Antalóczy: In: Baltic Journal of European Studies
Economy - Prosperity in Central Europe - 2017-07
András Inotai: In: Visegrad Insight
Energy Once Again in the Spotlight: New Forms of Russian Investment Presence in Hungary - 2017-07
Csaba Weiner: In: Russia and Central Europe in the New Geopolitical Realities
The Potential Advantages and Synergies of an EU-Turkey Cooperation in Science, Technology and Innova - 2017-07
Tamás Szigetvári, Ágota Dávid: In: Journal of Economic Cooperation and Development
Az optimális valutaövezetek elmélet története - 2017-07
Norbert Szijártó: In: Köz-Gazdaság
The Future of EU-Turkey Relations: Mapping Dynamics and Testing Scenarios - 2017-07
Tamás Szigetvári, Zoltán Egeres: In: Feuture EU 28 Country Report: Hungary
A humán tőke szerepe a gazdaságban - 2017-06
István Kőrösi, Klára Katona: Heller Farkas Könyvek 3.
A kéretlen integráció - 2017-06
András György Deák: A putyini Oroszország világgazdasági beilleszkedése
Debt-ridden development on Europe’s Eastern Periphery - 2017-06
Tamás Gerőcs, Pinkasz András: In: Global Inequalities in World-Systems Perspective

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