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Adjustment of the Hungarian and of the Romanian Economies to the Changing International Environment. External and Domestic Challenges, Theoretical Dilemmas, New Strategies
Duration: 2018-2021
Project manager: Ágnes Szunomár 
Hungarian Academy of Sciences - Romanian Academy

Comparative Analysis of the Approach Towards China: V4+ and One Belt One Road (OBOR)
Duration: 2018-2019
Lead:Prague Security Studies Institute (PSSI)
IWE Project manager: Szunomár Ágnes 
International Visegrad Fund

From developmental states to new protectionism: changing repertoire of state interventions to promote
development in an unfolding new world order
Duration: 2017-2021
Project manager: Judit Ricz

Japan's role and interests in East Asian regionalism
Duration: 2017-2018
Project manager: Katalin Völgyi
Toshiba International Foundation 

Non-European emerging-market multinational enterprises in East Central Europe
Duration: 2016-2020
Project manager: Ágnes Szunomár

Transferring V4 and Georgia Reform Experience to Facilitate Economic Development in Belarus
Duration: 2016
Coordinator: PMCG
IWE project manager: András György Deák
International Visegrad Fund  

The greening of global value chains – implications for Hungarian manufacturing companies
Duration: 2016-2018
Project manager: Andrea Szalavetz 

Factors influencing export performance – a comparison of three European regions
Duration: 2015-2018
Project manager: Andrea Éltető 

V4 Goes Global: Exploring opportunities in V4 cooperation with BASIC emerging powers
Duration: September 2015 - September 2016 
Coordinator: PISM
IWE Project manager: Ágnes Szunomár
International Visegrad Fund  

Geopolitical changes in the architecture of international aid
Duration: 2015-2018
Project manager: Judit Kiss - Ágnes Orosz

Sub-Saharan Africa today
Duration: 2015-2016
Project manager: Judit Kiss - Zsuzsánna Biedermann

Mapping out vulnerable sectors in the Eastern Partnership countries
Duration: January 2015 - June 2016
Project manager: András György Deák
International Visegrad Fund 

Shift in the world economy: from exportorientation towards domestic demand led growth?
Duration: 2015-2018
Project manager: Judit Kiss

Varieties of Capitalism - varieties of direct economic interventions of the state
Duration: 2014-2017
Project manager: Miklós Szanyi

How to benefit from participation in Global Value Chains? – Implications for the V4 Countries
Duration: 2014-2015
Coordinator: University of Economics, Prague
IWE Project manager: Andrea Éltető
International Visegrad Fund 

Outward FDI Policies in Visegrad Countries 
Duration: December 2014  - May 2015
Project manager: Instytut Zachodni, Poznan 
International Visegrad Fund

Hidden Triggers of Economic Growth in V4 Plus Ukraine
Duration: September 2014 - September 2016
Project manager: INEKO
International Visegrad Fund

The Japanese economy: past, present and future
Duration: April 2014 - December 2014
Project manager: Katalin Völgyi
Toshiba International Foundation 

Chinese financial assistance in Visegrad countries: myth or reality?
Duration: January 2014 - December 2014
Project manager: Ágnes Szunomár
International Visegrad Fund

Russia as political and economic centre in the Eurasian space at the beginning of the 21. century - sphere of influence, competitors and consequences for Europe and Hungary
Duration: 2013-2016
Project manager: Zsuzsa Ludvig / András Deák György

Developing trade  and trade policy relations with the European Union: Experience of V4 countries and implications/lessons for EaPs 
Duration: 2013
Project manager: Tamás Szigetvári
International Visegrad Fund 

Prospects of the Visegrad cooperation in changing economic, political and social conditions
Duration: 2012 - 2015
Project manager: Gábor Túry
International Visegrad Fund

Trade with Asia - An opportunity for Visegrad Countries?
Duration: 2012- 2013
Project manager: Andrea Éltető
International Visegrad Fund

The euro adoption in CEE: Prospects and chellenges in the wake of the financial crisis  /84240/
Duration: 2010-2012
Project manager: Anna Wisniewski

Measuring the upgrading permanence of TNCs'Hungarian subsidiaries / 83962/
Duration: 2011-2012
Project manager: Andrea Szalavetz

The impact of crisis management solutions on SME development on the example of the ten Central Eastern European countries /84293/
Duration: 2011-2014
Project manager: Tamás Novák

Impact of the 10 new member states on EU decision-making: experience of the first years of membership 
Duration: 2010-2012
Project manager: Krisztina Vida 

LISBOAN, Linking Interdisciplinary Integration Studies by Broadening the European Network
Duration: 2010-2013
Project manager: András Inotai 

Integrated Training Programme for Analysis, Assessment and Advice on EU External Action and its Institutional Architecture (EXACT) (FP7-PEOPLE-ITN-2008 Marie Curie Initial Training Netwoks (ITN)
Duration: 2009-2012
Project manager: András Inotai