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A "Top International Economics Think Tanks 2016" egyike
(2016 Global Go To Think Tank Report, University of Pennsylvania)


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In: Go Hungary – Go Indonesia:Understanding economic and business issues
Akadémiai Kiadó
In: Baltic Journal of European Studies
In: Visegrad Insight
In: Russia and Central Europe in the New Geopolitical Realities
In: Journal of Economic Cooperation and Development
In: Köz-Gazdaság
In: Feuture EU 28 Country Report: Hungary
Heller Farkas Könyvek 3.
A putyini Oroszország világgazdasági beilleszkedése
In: Global Inequalities in World-Systems Perspective
In: Xiongyali kan "Yidai yilu" he zhongguo-zhongdongou hezuo
In: China's relations with Central and Eastern Europe: from "old comrades" to new partners
FDI promotion of the Visegrád countries in the era of global value chains
Export as a form of SME-internationalisation after the crisis – experiences of three European regions
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