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In: Közgazdasági Szemle
Akadémiai Kiadó
In: Post-Crimea shift in EU-Russia relations: From Fostering Interdependence to Managing Vulnerabilities
In: Opportunities and Challenges: Sustainability of China-EU Relations in a Changing World
Revisiting the management of stationary fuel supply security and gas diversification in Hungary
In: Munkaügyi Szemle
In: Comparative Analysis of the Approach Towards China: V4+ and One Belt One Road S. I.
A trumpizmus diadalának gazdaságtörténete
In: Public Policy Challenges - European and Regional Dimensions
In: Konturi globalnih transzformacii: polityika, ekonomika, pravo
In: Bankar
In: Energy Transition - The Global Energiewende
In: Comparative analysis of the approach towards China: V4+ and One Belt One Road
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In: Külgazdaság
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