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In: EU Frontiers
In: MENARA Working Papers
A déli mediterrán országok és az Európai Unió: a gazdasági kapcsolatok kihívásai
Pull factors for Chinese FDI in East Central Europe
Indian companies’ technological investments in the EU with a special focus on Central and Eastern Europe
Eastern Europe as investment location for Turkish OFDI
Brazilian Foreign Direct Investment in ECE: host country determinants
In: Aspen Review
New developmentalism in the 21st century: towards a new research agenda
In: European Mirror
Az euró bevezetése a közép-kelet-európai régióban – tapasztalatok és kimaradás
Foreign direct investments of emerging Asia in V4 countries: Host country determinants
In: The Russian Economic Grip on Central and Eastern Europe
In: Journal of East European Management Studies
In: Közgazdasági Szemle
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