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Miklós Szanyi

Miklós Szanyi

Personal details

Position: director
Place of birth: Debrecen
Phone: +36308487082

Fields of research

Microeconomic aspects of transition in Central and eastern Europe

Foreign Direct Investments

Technological development and innovation

Regional corporate cooperation and competitiveness

Models of capitalism

Education and degrees

1980-1984 Karl Marx University of Economics, Budapest

1985-1986 Institute of Postgraduate Studies in Economics, Budapest

1992   PhD (CSc)

2010   DSc

Work experience

2015-   Institute for World Economics, MTA KRTK (director)

2013-   Institute for World Economics, MTA KRTK (scientific deputy director)

2012-   Institute for World Economics, MTA KRTK (research adviser)

2008-   Debrecen University, Department for Economics (professor)

2001-2011: Institute for World Economics, HAS (research adviser)

1995-2000: Inrtitute of Economics, HAS (senior research fellow)

1985-1995: Institute for World Economics, HAS (research fellow)

Language skills

Hungarian: native

English: excellent

German: excellent

Russian: passive

Selected publications

 MTMT link: Link to MTMT website

The reversal of the privatization logic in Central European transition economies: an essay. Acta Oeconomica 66:1 pp 33-55 (2016)

Economic Transformation and Industrial Restructuring: The Hungarian Experience. Maruzen Publishing Co. Tokyo, 2012 

Industrial clusters: concepts and empirical evidence from East-Central Europe. In:  Welfens P.J.J. (ed.): Clusters in Automotive and Information & Communication Technology. Springer Verlag, 2012  pp. 90-116

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Subcontracting and outward processing trade as a form of corporate networking in Hungary. Acta Oeconomica., vol.52. 2002. No. 3. Pp. 347-369

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