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Working Papers

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No. 254 - 2019-07
Weiner Csaba: Revisiting the management of stationary fuel supply security and gas diversification in Hungary
No. 253 - 2019-05
Gerőcs Tamás, Pinkasz András: Central and Eastern Europe's dependent development in German automotive value chains
No. 252 - 2019-05
Peragovics Tamás: Foreign investment screening in Europe and the V4 countries today
No. 251 - 2019-04
Éltető Andrea: Effects of Industry 4.0 on Reshoring Investments - Hungarian Experiences
Nr. 249 - 2018-11
: Pull factors for Chinese FDI in East Central Europe
Nr. 250 - 2018-11
Weiner Csaba: Pull factors driving Russian multinationals into five CEE countries: A sectoral overview
Nr. 248 - 2018-11
Gerőcs Tamás: Indian companies’ technological investments in the EU with a special focus on Central and Eastern Europe
Nr. 247 - 2018-11
Szigetvári Tamás: Eastern Europe as investment location for Turkish OFDI
Nr. 246 - 2018-11
Ricz Judit: Brazilian Foreign Direct Investment in ECE: host country determinants
Nr. 245 - 2018-11
Ricz Judit: New developmentalism in the 21st century: towards a new research agenda
Nr. 244 - 2018-09
Li Yushan :
Yushan Li
China’s go out policy - A review on China’s promotion policy for outward foreign direct investment from a historical perspective

Nr. 243 - 2018-09
Weiner Csaba: Security of energy supply and gas diversification in Poland
Nr. 242 - 2018-06
Coiffard Lisa : Independence of central banks after the crisis - focus on Hungary
Nr. 241 - 2018-05
Szigetvári Tamás: Financing operations of the European Investment Bank (EIB) in the Southern Mediterranean countries
Nr. 240 - 2018-02
Éva Ozsvald / S. Shobha Kiran : Indo-Japanese Relations on an Upward Trend
Nr. 239 - 2018-02
, , Sigér Fruzsina: Four years in the club: from external to internal Europeanization in Croatia
Nr. 238 - 2017-12
Weiner Csaba: Managing energy supply security and gas diversification in Hungary - Putting theory into practice
Nr. 237 - 2017-12
: Driving forces behind the international expansion strategies of Chinese MNEs
Nr. 236 - 2017-12
Weiner Csaba: International expansion of Russian multinationals: A focus on home-country push factors, Europe and five CEE countries
Nr. 235 - 2017-11
Kiss Judit: South Africa: a re-emerging player in outward FDI

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