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Centre for Economic and Regional Studies
Institute of World Economics
Listed as one of the "Top International Economic Think Tanks"
(2019 Global Go To Think Tank Report, University of Pennsylvania)
Emese Dobos

Emese Dobos

Personal details

Place of birth: Budapest
Phone: +36202192231

Fields of research

Hungary’s and Central-Eastern Europe’s fashion industry and their position within the Global Value Chains

Sustainability and its aspects, regulation environment

Economy of Italy

Education and degrees

2012-2015 Pázmány Péter Catholic University, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, liberal arts BA (art history specialization)

2015-2017 Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences, Communication and Media studies MA (cultural industry specialization)

2019-2021 Budapest Business School University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of International Management and Business, International Studies (MA), Budapest

2020 –      Budapest Corvinus University, Doctoral School of International Relations and Political Science, World Economics programme

Work experience

2022 –          Centre for Economic and Regional Studies Institute of World Economics, sctientific officer, junior research fellow

2022 –          Centre for Social Sciences, Institute for Political Science, junior research fellow

2019 - 2020, journalist

Participation in research projects

Fashion & CSR (Case study about the production need and background of Hungarian contemporary fashion brands and manufacturing companies’ capacity and facilities with a special focus on workers with disabilities with the aim of finding collaboration potential) Design Terminal & Hungarian National Asset Management Inc., 2016.

’Are the ’ethic’ fashion brands offer fair wages and better working circumstances?’ Research published by the Association of Conscious Consumers and founded by Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, 2018.

Transnational industrial policy in the EU’s periphery: the use of state aid and EU funds in Southern and Eastern Europe, Grant No.: 135342, 2020-2023.

Language skills

English: fluent

French, Italian, German: basics

Selected publications

MTMT link: Link to MTMT website

Réunion? The relocation tendencies of the global supply chain of fashion towards Central-Eastern Europe. In: Ferkelt, Balázs (szerk.) Challenges and alternative solutions in Central Eastern Europe Budapest, Magyarország : Aposztróf Kiadó (2022) pp. 9-27. , 19 p.

Barna, Emilia; Dobos, Emese: Transformation of the “Made In ...” label: Countries as brands and the hidden global relations of production In: Paulicelli, Eugenia; Manlow, Veronica; Wissinger, Elizabeth The Routledge Companion to Fashion Studies Abingdon, Egyesült Királyság / Anglia, New York (NY), Amerikai Egyesült Államok : Routledge (2021) pp. 225-233. , 9 p.

The promise of the pandemic?: New perspectives for the fashion poduction companies of Hungary and Romania in the global supply chain due to the relocation tendencies In: Pop, Gh; Bíró, B E; Csata, A; György, O; Kassay, J; Koroseczné Pavlin, R; Madaras, Sz; Pál, L; Péter, K; Szőcs, A; Tánczos, L J; Telegdy, B (szerk.) Challenges in the Carpathian Basin : global challenges - local answers : interdependencies or slobalisation? : 15th International Conference on Economics and Business Cluj-Napoca, Románia : Editura Risoprint (2021) 1,337 p. pp. 1140-1164. , 25 p

Greener Industry: The position of the region's garment production companies in light of sustainable commitments In: Sara, Emilia Bernat; Doris, Domoszlai-Lantner; Anna, Zsófia Kormos; Borbála, Kormos Fashion Forward Visegrad : Sustainable Fashion in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia New York (NY), Amerikai Egyesült Államok : Fashion Forward (2021) pp. 18-22. , 5 p.

Central and Eastern Europe: An Invisible Sewing Shop ACTA UNIVERSITATIS SAPIENTIAE EUROPEAN AND REGIONAL STUDIES 20 : 1 pp. 1-16. , 16 p. (2021)

The promise of sustainability and the pandemic?: How Hungarian fashion production companies could gain better position in the global supply chain due to relocation tendencies In: Szerényi, Zsuzsanna; Salamin, Géza; Nemes, Zsófia (szerk.) Environmental, social and economic sustainability in the light of the geopolitical challenges of our age : Papers of early career researchers and PhD students from the Doctoral School of International Relations and Political Science Budapest, Magyarország : Corvinus University of Budapest (2021) 243 p. pp. 180-205. , 26 p.