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A "Top International Economics Think Tanks 2019" egyike
(2019 Global Go To Think Tank Report, University of Pennsylvania)
2021. május 07.

A VKI 2020-as top publikációi

D1-es kategória

Artner Annamária: Can China lead the change of the world? THIRD WORLD QUARTERLY 41:(11) pp. 1881-1899. (2020)

Barczikay Tamás, Biedermann Zsuzsánna, Szalai László: An investigation of a partial Dutch disease in Botswana. RESOURCES POLICY 67 Paper 101665. 8 p. (2020)

Szabó John, Fabók Márton: Infrastructures and state-building : comparing the energy politics of the European Commission with the governments of Hungary and Poland. ENERGY POLICY 138 Paper 111253 (2020)


Q1-es kategória

Gelei Andrea, Sass Magdolna: Lead firm’s reconfiguration decision and performance of the value chain. COMPETITIVENESS REVIEW 31:(2) pp. 310-325. (2020)


Q2-es kategória

Artner Annamária: Workfare society in action – the Hungarian labour market and social conditions in European comparison. ROMANIAN JOURNAL OF EUROPEAN AFFAIRS 20:(1) pp. 109-128. (2020)

Szigetvári Tamás: Challenges of deepening EU free trade agreements with southern mediterranean countries. ROMANIAN JOURNAL OF EUROPEAN AFFAIRS 20:(1) pp. 74-88. (2020)

Szunomár Ágnes: The digital great leap forward mapping China's 21st century attempt to create a new growth model. ACTA OECONOMICA 70:(S) pp. 95-115. (2020)


Q3-as kategória

S. Gubik Andrea, Sass Magdolna, Szunomár Ágnes: Asian foreign direct investments in the Visegrad countries : what are their motivations for coming indirectly?  DANUBE: LAW AND ECONOMICS REVIEW 11:(3) pp. 239-252. (2020)

Szalavetz Andrea: Digital transformation – enabling factory economy actors’ entrepreneurial integration in global value chains? POST-COMMUNIST ECONOMIES 32:(6) pp. 771-792. (2020)


Megjelenés alatt


D1-es kategória

Szabó John: Fossil capitalism’s lock-ins : the natural gas-hydrogen nexus. CAPITALISM NATURE SOCIALISM: A JOURNAL OF SOCIALIST ECOLOGY 20 p. (2020)

Artner Annamária: Samir Amin and Eastern Europe. REVIEW OF AFRICAN POLITICAL ECONOMY 11 p. (2021)


Q2-es kategória

Ricz Judit: The anatomy of the newly emerging illiberal model of state capitalism : a developmental dead end? INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION 11 p. (2021)

Szanyi Miklós, Szabó Gyula: Defining the long-term development trends of countries in East-Central Europe in the context of political cycles. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION 15 p. (2020)

Völgyi Katalin, Lukács Eszter: Chinese and Indian FDI in Hungary and the role of Eastern Opening policy. ASIA EUROPE JOURNAL 21 p. (2021)


Q3-as kategória

Szanyi Miklós: The emergence of patronage and changing forms of rent-seeking in East Central Europe. POST-COMMUNIST ECONOMIES 21 p. (2019)