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Short Notice (angol)

These are the previous copies of the series "Short Notice on current developments of the European Union". The new issues are available at the Institute of World Economics Blog.

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No. 21 - 2011-05
Farkas Péter: The state of the world economy at the beginning of 2011, with special attention to European Union competitiveness
No. 20. - 2011-05
Weiner Csaba: In the end, it always comes down to the Gas
No. 19 - 2011-04
No. 18 - 2011-04
Szalavetz Andrea: The Changing Face of Industrial Policy in Europe
No. 17 - 2011-04
Somai Miklós: The CAP after 2013
No. 16 - 2011-03
Vida Krisztina: The European Council of 24-25 March: heading towards an economic union?
No. 15 - 2011-03
Ellison David L.: The Climate Challenge and EU Policy Efforts
No. 14 - 2011-03
Túry Gábor: Visegrad Cooperation and the Hungarian EU presidency - Representing the Common Interests of the Region
No. 13 - 2011-03
Rácz Margit: From Mountains to Molehills?
No. 12 - 2011-03
Ludvig Zsuzsa: Question mark on the substance of the Eastern Partnership - Whose interests matter?
No. 11 - 2011-03
: The Past, Present and Future of the European Social Model
No. 10 - 2011-02
Meisel Sándor: EU Trade Policy: New Orientations and Challenges
No. 9 - 2011-02
Szigetvári Tamás: The European Union and the Upheavals in North Africa
No. 8 - 2011-02
Hugyecz Attila: Oil Companies, Pipelines and Energy Security - Implications of the European Council Summit on Energy
No. 7 - 2011-02
Székely-Doby András: India and the EU: Approaching the Free Trade Agreement
No. 6 - 2011-02
Szalavetz Andrea: An Innovation Union? - Perspectives and Shortcomings
No. 5 - 2011-01
Szanyi Miklós: Some Lessons for Europe from the Global Crisis
No. 4 - 2011-01
Biedermann Zsuzsánna: Role of the EU in a New Global Financial System
No. 3 - 2011-01
Inotai András: Remarks on the Role of Germany in the Current Eurozone Financial Crisis
No. 2 - 2011-01
Völgyi Katalin: The perception of the European Union in Japan

ElőzőOldalak: 2 / 3KövetkezőUgrás az oldalra: