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KRTK Világgazdasági Intézet
Centre for Economic and Regional Studies
Institute of World Economics
Listed as one of the "Top International Economic Think Tanks"
(2019 Global Go To Think Tank Report, University of Pennsylvania)
Ágnes Szunomár

Ágnes Szunomár

Personal details

Position: senior research fellow, head of Research Group on Development Economics
Place of birth: Budapest

Fields of research

Chinese economy
Chinese foreign policy and international trade and investment policy
China and Central and Eastern Europe
Chinese-Hungarian relations
Foreign direct investments and its motivations in the developing world 
Middle income trap

Education and degrees


Ph.D. in Economics, Corvinus University of Budapest -Budapest, Hungary

2006 - 2012

Corvinus University of Budapest -Budapest, Hungary
International Relations Doctoral Programme

2004 - 2006

Corvinus University of Budapest -Budapest, Hungary
International Studies (MA)

2002 - 2007

Eötvös Loránd University of Sciences, Faculty of Law- Budapest, Hungary
Politology (MA)

2000 - 2004

Budapest College of Management -Budapest, Hungary
International Relations (BA)

Work experience

2019 -

2016 - 2018

Corvinus University of Budapest
associate professor

European Association for Comparative Economic Studies (EACES)
scientific secretary

2014 -

Centre for Economic and Regional Studies HAS, Institute of World Economics
head of Research Group on Development Economics


European Commission, Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) - Socio-economic Sciences and Humanities (SSH)
expert evaluator of proposals

2011 -

Institute for World Economics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
research fellow

2010 - 2011

Institute for World Economics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
junior research fellow

2004 - 2010

Secretariat of the Government Commissioner for the Development of Hungarian-Chinese Economic Relations and for the Coordination of the Participation at Shanghai World EXPO in 2010

2007 - 2008

Institute for World Economics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
research project coordinator

2004 - 2005

Hungarian National Assembly - Office for Foreign Relations, EU Departmentinternship

Awards, fellowships  
   SYLFF (Sasakawa) Fellowship
   HAS-BOLYAI Fellowship

Language skills

English     fluent
German    advanced
Chinese    basic

Selected publications

 MTMT link: Link to MTMT website

Szunomár, Ágnes (ed.) (2020): Emerging-market multinational enterprises in East Central Europe. Palgrave Macmillan (2020)

Szunomár, Ágnes (2020): The digital great leap forward - Mapping China's 21st Century Attempt to Create a New Growth Model. ACTA OECONOMICA Vol 70 Issue 3 

Szunomár, Ágnes (2020): Chinese multinationals in East Central Europe: structural, institutional or political considerations? In: Holzmann, R; Ritzberger-Grünwald, D; Schuberth, H (ed.) 30 years of transition in Europe: looking back and looking beyond in CESEE countries. Edward Elgar Publishing, pp. 121-134.

Sass, M; Szunomár, Á; Gubik, A ; Kiran, S ; Ozsvald, É (2019): Employee relations at Asian subsidiaries in Hungary: Do home or host country factors dominate? INTERSECTIONS: EAST EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF SOCIETY AND POLITICS 5 : 3 pp. 23-48.

Szunomár Ágnes (2018): One Belt, One Road: Connecting China with Central and Eastern Europe? In: Cheng Y, Song L, Huang L (ed.) The Belt & Road Initiative in the Global Arena: Chinese and European Perspectives. Palgrave Macmillan, 2018. pp. 71-85.

Szunomár, Ágnes; McCaleb, A (2018): Chinese and other East Asian foreign direct investment in Central and Eastern Europe: motives, location choices and employment approaches. CESIFO FORUM 19 : 4 pp. 9-14.

Szunomár Ágnes, Agnieszka Mccaleb, Xin Chen (2018): Economic Relations between China and Central and Eastern Europe: Trade and Investment Issues. In: Weiqing Song (ed.) China's relations with Central and Eastern Europe: from "old comrades" to new partners. Routledge, 2017. pp. 48-65. 

Szunomár, Ágnes (2015): Blowing from the EastInternational Issues & Slovak Foreign Policy Affairs, Vol. XXIV, No. 3/2015, pp. 60-78

Szunomár, Ágnes (ed.) (2014): Chinese investments and financial engagement in Visegrad countries: myth or reality? Budapest: Institute of World Economics, Centre for Economic and Regional Studies, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 178 p.

Szunomár, Ágnes (2014): China’s relations with the developing world: a new type of colonialism or a fruitful cooperation. In: Agnieszka, McCaleb (ed.): China’s Changing Competitiveness: Shaking up or Waking up the European Union? Warsaw: Warsaw School of Economics Press, p. 85-110.