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Working Papers

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Nr. 243 - 2018-09
Weiner Csaba: Security of energy supply and gas diversification in Poland
Nr. 242 - 2018-06
Coiffard Lisa : Independence of central banks after the crisis - focus on Hungary
Nr. 241 - 2018-05
Szigetvári Tamás: Financing operations of the European Investment Bank (EIB) in the Southern Mediterranean countries
Nr. 240 - 2018-02
Éva Ozsvald / S. Shobha Kiran : Indo-Japanese Relations on an Upward Trend
Nr. 239 - 2018-02
, , Sigér Fruzsina: Four years in the club: from external to internal Europeanization in Croatia
Nr. 238 - 2017-12
Weiner Csaba: Managing energy supply security and gas diversification in Hungary - Putting theory into practice
Nr. 237 - 2017-12
Szunomár Ágnes: Driving forces behind the international expansion strategies of Chinese MNEs
Nr. 236 - 2017-12
Weiner Csaba: International expansion of Russian multinationals: A focus on home-country push factors, Europe and five CEE countries
Nr. 235 - 2017-11
Kiss Judit: South Africa: a re-emerging player in outward FDI
No. 234 - 2017-10
Gerőcs Tamás: Internationalization of Indian Multinational Enterprises
No. 233 - 2017-10
Szigetvári Tamás: Turkish investments abroad, with a special focus on Central and Eastern Europe
No.232 - 2017-10
Völgyi Katalin: Emerging multinational enterprises from East and Southeast Asia in V4 countries and Slovenia
No. 231 - 2017-09
Ricz Judit: Brazilian companies going global
No. 230 - 2017-08
Túry Gábor: Different interpretations of the automotive industry and its role in three semi-peripheral regions of the EU
No. 229 - 2017-05
Éltető Andrea, Antalóczy Katalin: FDI promotion of the Visegrád countries in the era of global value chains
No. 228 - 2017-05
Éltető Andrea: Export as a form of SME-internationalisation after the crisis – experiences of three European regions
No. 227 - 2017-05
Ricz Judit: New developmentalist experiments in Brazil and Egypt - a comparative study
No. 226 - 2016-11
Szanyi Miklós: From party state capture to party business capture Model feature of Visegrád countries?
No. 225 - 2016-09
Beáta Udvari : The Aid for Trade initiative and the export performance of the Iberian EU-countries
No. 224 - 2016-09
Éltető Andrea, Katalin Antalóczy : Post-crisis foreign trade trends and policies on the periphery of the European Union – comparison of the Iberian, Baltic and Central European region

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