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Working Papers

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Nr. 268 - 2022-10
Gergely Kádár :

Gergely Kádár :
China’s strategic considerations for infrastructure building in the Central and Eastern European Region

Nr. 267 - 2022-08
Miklós Szanyi, Somayeh Sedighi:

The role of rents in emerging market economies

No.266 - 2021-12
Magdolna Sass, Ágnes Szunomár, Gábor Túry, Andrea S. Gubik Zoltán Gál /:

The impact of the crisis on and crisis-handling patterns in foreign-owned companies in Hungary

No.265 - 2021-12
Gábor Túry:

Electric vehicle revolution – positions of the Japanese automotive suppliers in Central Europe

No. 264 - 2021-04
Tamás Peragovics: China’s Mergers & Acquisitions Activity in the United States – The Case of TikTok
No. 263 - 2021-02
Miklós Szanyi: Globalization - Challenges for economic policy
No. 262 - 2020-10
John Szabó: Climate action in the European Commission's natural gas policy
No. 261 - 2020-08
Miklós Szanyi: The three archetype European historic development models and their impact in East-Central Europe
No. 260 - 2020-05
Andrea Éltető: Coronavirus crisis - trade effects for the Iberian and Visegrád countries
No. 259 - 2020-04
Csaba Weiner, Tekla S. Szép: The Hungarian utility cost reduction programme - An impact assessment
Nr. 258 - 2019-11
Miklós Szanyi: The Balkan model and the balkanization of East Central Europe
No. 254 - 2019-07
Csaba Weiner: Revisiting the management of stationary fuel supply security and gas diversification in Hungary
No. 253 - 2019-05
Tamás Gerőcs, András Pinkasz: Central and Eastern Europe's dependent development in German automotive value chains
No. 252 - 2019-05
Tamás Peragovics: Foreign investment screening in Europe and the V4 countries today
No. 251 - 2019-04
Andrea Éltető: Effects of Industry 4.0 on Reshoring Investments - Hungarian Experiences
Nr. 249 - 2018-11
Ágnes Szunomár: Pull factors for Chinese FDI in East Central Europe
Nr. 250 - 2018-11
Csaba Weiner: Pull factors driving Russian multinationals into five CEE countries: A sectoral overview
Nr. 248 - 2018-11
Tamás Gerőcs: Indian companies’ technological investments in the EU with a special focus on Central and Eastern Europe
Nr. 247 - 2018-11
Tamás Szigetvári: Eastern Europe as investment location for Turkish OFDI
Nr. 246 - 2018-11
Judit Ricz: Brazilian Foreign Direct Investment in ECE: host country determinants

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